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Snake Draw

Ultimate Battle is a fast-paced, wild ride of a game. With our deck of Ultimate Battle cards, pens, paper, and imagination you’ll face off against your opponents. If you can think fast, think outside the box, and stay clever… you just may stand a chance of surviving!

Easy Rules, Fast Gameplay

Sit down across from your foes. Draw five cards from the Ultimate Battle deck. Plan your attack, sketch it on the paper to bring it to life, and watch as your adversary struggles to create a defense. After your opponent defends, it’s their turn to attack! Devastating battle has never been so simple. We made sure the rules stayed out of the way of the fun, and with a simple mechanic of “Disagreement Cards” disputes are settled in seconds.

Ultimate Example

Let’s watch a game between Frank and Amy. They’ve each got a marker, a sheet of paper rolled out between them, and the deck of Ultimate Battle cards. The two players separate the “Disagreement Cards” from the deck and set them aside. The remaining cards are shuffled, and Amy and Frank both draw five. These cards, their markers, and a hearty dose of imagination and ingenuity are all that stop our heroes from a grisly defeat.

It’s time for the heroes to enter the battlefield. Each player draws their hero. Frank draws Sir Orlean, a Knight of great renown. He scribbles his hero on the paper in front of him. Amy thinks for a moment and creates Gorga, the Snake-haired Medusa!
Drawing of Frank and Amy's heroes on the battlefield

Frank draws his five cards and hides them from Amy. He’s drawn Bees, Soap, Cactus, Train, and Oil. Amy draws her five cards and pulls Mountain, Sword, Wolf, Candy, and Armor. The rest of the cards in the deck now become the draw pile. The two players flip one of the Disagreement Cards to determine who plays first. The card reads “Youngest Player Wins” and Frank enjoys this first minor victory by being two months Amy’s junior.

Drawing of Frank and Amy's heroes on the battlefield

youngest player disagreement card

Frank, ready to make the first attack, lays down the cards Bees, Train, and Cactus. He begins to draw a swarm of bees as large as a train, each with a cactus for a stinger!

Frank has added bees to the battlefield

bees card cactus card train card

Uh oh, time for Amy to defend.

Quick on her feet, she lays down the cards Candy and Mountain. She begins illustrating a mountain made of sweet candy, “because bees love sweets!”

Amy defends from the bees with her mountain of candy

candy mountain

Fine, Frank relents. He could call for a disagreement card, but her reasoning is sound and the bee-train flies away from her hero, Gorga.

Now it’s time for Amy to launch a counter-attack. She’s got Sword, Wolf, and Armor remaining from her first pull. She wastes no time drawing Wolfbane, the famed Wolf hero who wears armor and carries a huge sword in its fangs.

The creature’s running right for Frank’s hero, so he better come up with a good defense quick!

Wolfbane enters the battlefield

armor card wolf card sword card

Frank depicts a great pool of oil and soap, sure that the heavily clad Wolf will slip on it’s way to his hero.

Frank adds oily soap to the battlefield

soap card oil card

Amy shakes her head, no way, that’s one sure-footed wolf. Rather than argue, a Disagreement Card is drawn.

Wolfbane defeats Frank's hero

most pets disagreement card

“Player with the most pets is right” Amy howls in triumph as her wolf slices and dices Frank’s Knight, and she says a silent thank you to her three pet parakeets!

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